First Few Days

So as I stated on the previous blog, I stepped up on the scale on March 1st and was so happy to see that my weight was 199 pounds, which was a great way to start because it means that I had a month to lose 12 pounds.

I had potatoes but also added salt and my maytard mixture as well as cream in my coffee with sweetener.  I thought I was doing pretty good, well that was until I stepped up on the scale the next morning.  My weight hadn’t budged and I was still at 199 pounds.  I wasn’t happy about that but then again I wasn’t that upset about staying the same.  So that took me up to March 1st and 2nd.

Day 3 was a bit of shock to the system because my weight had climbed up to 200 pounds.  Well I was shocked and not very happy about it but I had other things on my mind which was finally getting my hair appointment seeing that it had been 2 months since I had last seen my stylist and my roots were really getting out of control.  I had been trying to find some special treats at our grocery store but our normal store doesn’t carry very much so I’ve had to do some shopping around to find some of the treats.  I found a salted caramel, crunchy chocolate and lemon tarts.  I shared them and had all three flavors which I knew I would later regret.  I still had the maytard in my potatoes and cream in my coffee.

Day 4 I stepped up on the scale and as expected, I gained weight but not as much as I expected.  My weight was 200.4 pounds, meaning I had only gained 4/10ths of a pound which was a big shocker for me.  Thankfully I was able to enjoy my potatoes late in that evening so hopefully things would be good.  Oh weight but I was in a feisty mood and I ended up having a glass of wine and 2 Guinness beers to go along with Latkes which were baked and not fried.

Day 5 really shocked me when I got on the scale, it showed a weight of 200.1 pounds.  What???!!!!  I lost 3/10ths of a pound even with eating so poorly and having my liquor.  It was a shock to me.  I decided that I needed to get more serious about my eating and so I started out the morning drinking my black coffee and having plain baked potatoes as well as having plain boiled potatoes for lunch.  Guess what… I was still hungry.  I had more potatoes only I added a link of sausage and added my maytard mixture and then I topped it off with my coffee with cream and syrup.  The really amazing thing was the fact that I only drank maybe 50oz of water on Day 4 but still I lost some weight.

I’m hungry right now so I’m about to grab something to eat because one thing I’ve learned is that in order to lose weight I had to eat and so I’m going to have some more potatoes.  Hopefully I will be able to get some better sleep tonight because I had neighbors who were blasting their stereo and having a great party until 4 in the morning and then they started up their music once again at about 9 in the morning.  It was Sunday and my chance to sleep in faded away.  That is okay, maybe I will sleep more solidly tonight.

Good bye day 5 and I’ll check back in with more data later.


A Fresh Start

So now it is time to get serious about trying to lose weight.  I had a experimented with potato hacking once before, back in October 2016 and in 19 days I lost 20 pounds of weight.  It was a wonderful start and then I started allowing myself a lot more cheats in my potato hacking dieting.  So that was why it took almost two additional weeks to lose an additional 5 pounds.  All of this was just before Thanksgiving and since my family would all be gathering for Thanksgiving instead of for Christmas, I was going to let myself enjoy Thanksgiving.

Some of the weight came back on, about 5 more pounds and despite trying to go back to proper potato hacking, I didn’t exactly do this.  I was adding salt and other things to make my potatoes a little bit tastier.  Then despite my half attempt to get back to hacking, I ended up giving up and just enjoying the holidays which was a major mistake.  By the end of the year I had gained weight, how much did I gain well let’s take a look.

Beginning weight was 220 pounds and so in 19 days my weight was down to 200 pounds.  Before Thanksgiving my weight had gone down to 195 pounds which was great, I hadn’t been that light in a long time.  So my weight went up to 200 just after Thanksgiving but then after all of the Christmas madness and by madness I mean the madness of making poor eating choices, so by the end of the year my weight had climbed back up to 210 pounds and that was pretty much how I started out the new year.  Not a good way to start but I kept on thinking that I could lose the weight in no time because I had lost it so easily once before so I piddled around and only lightly did my hacking and guess what, I never really lost any weight. So I fiddled around for the next couple of months, continuously trying to stay focused on trying to stay good on potato hacking but then I kept on allowing myself cheats and I would get close to 200 pounds and allow myself to start adding in things which kept me from losing weight.

At the end of January I ordered a new recumbent trike and the guy asked me what was my goal weight because it would be more important to set the shocks for my goal weight.  So at the time of ordering my trike I had almost two months to lose 13 pounds and I figured no problem.  Well it seems that I seem to be very prone of defeating myself because I would allow too many cheat meals and making unwise food choices so at the end of the second month of the year I wasn’t in very good shape.

On March 1, 2017, I stepped up on the scale and was very happy to see that my weight was down to 199 pounds and I thought this was a good time to get restarted.  Now I will tell you that I won’t often be entering what I eat every day because guess what, it will be potatoes and more potatoes.

I’m not really sure when my trike will be in, all I know is that there is a 250 pound weight limit for rider and equipment, which means I need to really get serious about losing weight.  Yes this means that I will have to start getting serious but let me tell you it is hard for me to stick to eating it the proper way because I know how good things taste with a touch of salt, seasoning as well as my mayo/mustard mixture.

Unfortunately time is running out and although I’ve lost enough weight that my work pants almost fall off of my, I find that the next size smaller on my work uniform is still a little bit to tight.  So what does this mean, it means I’ve got to get serious when it comes to losing the weight if I’m even going to look different for my convention at the end of the month and when I get my new trike.

So this will be a fresh start for me, knowing I have a limited time to lose the weight so I can eat what I would like while at the convention because to be truthful it will be hard to find time and ability to eat potatoes without seasoning.  Besides last year when I went to the convention, I injured my back which didn’t do anything to help me ast the convention and I ended up not having a very good time.  Besides that I also had to end up forgoing having sushi and I still felt so bad I couldn’t even finish the glass of diet coke so this year I hope to be in better shape.  By weighing less and also in better physical shape because I don’t plan on hurting my back again.

Now we shall see if I can complete my task and get down to 187 pounds by the end of the month.  Yeah I would love to be 185 or even less but in reality just trying to lose 13 pounds will be a good task.  However, based on my starting weight, I only have 12 pounds to lose, so now it is time to get started.